Announcing the opening of the Exhibition, Illustrating Hidden Treasures, at The Ashokan Center in Olivebridge, NY.
August 13, 2016, at 4 pm.
Featuring works by Wendy Hollender.
CLICK HERE for more information.

Illustrating Hidden Treasures was first presented at the United States Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C. Botanist, Susan Pell, Science and Public Programs Manager at USBG, curated the exhibition. It will remain on view at The Ashokan Center through Fall 2016.

Make drawing a habit

November 20, 2015 by ArtPlantae

The meditative and relaxing effects of observing and drawing nature have long been known. Making it a part of your life practice, however, has always been a challenge and it seems to get worse with every technological advancement and with every holiday release of a new gadget. 

So how can you slow things down a bit?

Consider Wendy Hollender's new online program A Year of Botanical Drawing. Announced only two days ago, Wendy’s one-year program provides students with the structure and support to learn botanical illustration, to develop their new skills and to make drawing a life-fulfilling habit.

Wendy Hollender will show you how.

She will also spend the next year supporting you on your journey.

Wendy Hollender is a botanical artist, illustrator, author and instructor. She is the author of Botanical Drawing in Color: A Basic Guide to Mastering Realistic Form and Naturalistic Color and Botanical Drawing: A Beginner’s Guide. She is the co-owner of Botanical Arts Press, LLC and the co-creator of a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign. Wendy has years of experience introducing botanical illustration to new audiences. Now she is ready to help you make nature drawing a habit.

Botanical Art  

Instructional Books ~ Lessons ~ Art Supplies

Wendy Hollender is one of the world's leading experts in using colored pencils and watercolor pencils to create detailed botanical drawings and paintings. Here at Drawing In Color you will be able to purchase Wendy's handpicked art supplies,  her instructional books and attend workshops on Botanical Illustration. In the Gallery section are detailed collections of Wendy's botanical art and illustrations.

Here you can discover:

  • Fundamentals of botanical drawing explained so anyone can understand
  • Watercolor and Colored pencil application and theory
  • Wendy's favorite 22 colored pencils, that when blended can match almost any color in nature!
  • Custom made workbooks and sketchbooks with hot pressed  watercolor paper.
  • Unique workbook format gets results when learning to draw
  • Study with Wendy a well know botanical artist and illustrator- one of the best Art Teachers for Botanical Art
  • An Archive of Wendy's Botanical Art of flowers, fruits, and plants
Detail of Chrysanthemum drawing by Wendy Hollender, Botanical Artist

Detail of Chrysanthemum drawing by Wendy Hollender, Botanical Artist