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Classes and Workshops at the Midwest Women's Herbal Conference - Almond, WI

Classes are held at:
Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference
Camp Helen Brachman
9341 Asbury Dr, Almond, WI 54909

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3-Day Immersion: Plant Exploration Through Botanical Drawing
In this workshop we will learn basic practices used by botanical illustrators to create realistic descriptive drawings of plants in all stages of growth. These techniques first produce a descriptive structural drawing of a plant, then add color with colored pencil or watercolor pencil. We will draw plants in a few important plant families, focusing on understanding the similarities within a plant family. Botanists often describe plant families with drawings rather than with paragraphs of detailed scientific language.  For visual people, getting to know plant families with drawings is fun and empowering.

Main Conference Workshop: Using a Grisaille Technique to Create Three-Dimensional Form
Learn how to use a grisaille technique for undertones in a neutral color and then how to layer color on top to create depth with colored pencils. This technique is very immediate and materials are simple, allowing the artist to work easily in multiple locations. It is especially useful for work in the field and we will practice on simple forms such as fruits or seed pods. These techniques are outlined in the instructor’s book, “Botanical Drawing in Color: A Basic Guide to Mastering Realistic Form and Naturalistic Color.”

Main Conference Workshop: Exploring Flowers: Drawing a Study Page
Working with real flowers, we will learn how to take apart a flower to understand its structure. Then, using basic techniques of perspective in botanical drawing, participants will draw a flower with an understanding of structure and 3-D quality of flowers. Participants will also draw reproductive parts of the flower, possibly add leaves and stems, and add basic color with colored pencils.